The 5 dysfunctions of a team

We recently grabbed lunch with another London based startup, and during conversation with the founder, he recommended a book I hadn't come across before – The Five »

The best Watch face

I'm in San Francisco this week for a conference, and it was only when I was getting off the plane from London that I got another »

When is it good enough to ship?

Every company sets their bar at a different height. Everyone wants to move fast (and break as few things as possible). But building a robust, easy-to-use »

Start with yes

One of the exciting things about building a business is bringing together a group of people to make something from nothing. Whenever you have a group »

The scale of giving a damn

Everyone has an opinion on things. If you're in a small team and you're building a product then it's likely everyone has a deep level of »

Thinking out loud

Lately we've been doing a lot of thinking about the problems we're trying to solve at GoSquared. Sketching and writing help me to get ideas out »

The tip of the iceberg

There's more to a company than meets the eye. When you're using an app or a service, it's always easy to assume it's "such a simple" »