Feeling sorry for AI

You may know how to suggest 10 helpful recipes from nothing more than a blurry photo of some ingredients.

You may know how to create a dramatic photograph from nothing more than a few sentences.

You may know how to write a witty one line joke that entertains the reader.

You may even know how to suggest a gift for Mother’s Day.

But you will never know the deep joy of tasting that first bite after cooking a meal for five hours.

You will never know the tingle on the back of one’s neck when a picture takes the viewer back to a heartwarming moment in time.

You will never laugh your belly off at a witty line delivered by a hilarious actor.

You will never experience the unparalleled love that a parent can have for their child.

AI is the star of the show right now — a daily headline around the world. It’s smarter than anything we’ve seen before.

But what does it mean for our future to have a force that is so intelligent, without feeling or true, deep emotion?

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