Have a nice day!

Walking to work the other day, my route crossed paths with that of a bin lorry doing its rounds.

I saw the guys moving a bin back to the building where they took it from – a heavy, dirty thing that most people wouldn’t dare go near.

When I stopped to let them go across my path I was pleasantly surprised to be met with “no sir, after you!”

I said thanks and the same man replied with “have a good day, sir, thank you!”

Perhaps I’ve been living city life for too long but I didn’t expect such manners, and such kindness from a stranger – let alone a man focused on collecting and emptying bins.

It’s not that I’d expect someone who empties bins to be rude – it’s that as a profession it’s not traditionally focused around exceptional service.

The exchange put a smile on my face and I found myself walking to work with a spring in my step.

When was the last time you were kind without any expectation of a reward? What opportunities do you have to brighten someone’s day?

I’m trying to be more like the bin man – be polite, be kind, and don’t expect an instant reward.

Instead, enjoy the the feeling that you’re making someone else’s day a little better.

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