General Magic

The story of one of the greatest teams of product, engineering, marketing, and leadership people coming together to build a device eerily similar to the iPhone, but in the early 90s. »

Quantity and quality

Writing every day is an exercise in quantity. Thinking deeply and writing the output is an exercise in quality. »

Give praise

Don’t be afraid to call others out for doing a great job. Make time for giving praise each week and you’ll be amazed at what can happen. »

Be your own customer

Whether you sell a piece of software, you run a government department, or you’re putting on an event, it’s all too easy to think you’ve catered to your customer’s needs. But step into the shoes of your customer and you might just change your mind. »

Apple’s storytelling

How do you make people want something new when what they have is good enough? You tell a great story and make sure millions of people hear that story. »

By innovation only

A quick summary of Apple's 2019 September iPhone event titled "By innovation only". »


Bad communication is a key cause of problems within any team – when you trace problems back, they usually come down to a failure to communicate. Over-communication of the basics can help. »

The customer is right

You don’t lose customers by actively annoying them. You lose them through neglect. Listen to your customers and act on their feedback – they’re usually right. »

Strengths and weaknesses

Once you're clear on your own strengths and weaknesses, and you know where you want to improve, then it becomes a lot easier to worry less about your weaknesses and shortcomings. »

Time boxing

How blocking out time for the most important things can help you lead a more productive, less stressed life. »

Giving and receiving feedback

When was the last time you gave someone helpful, constructive feedback that wasn’t entirely positive? When did you last receive feedback? Probably not in a long time. It’s time to change that. »

If you can sell one, you can sell two...

My sister recently started her own business – selling beautiful, handmade, refillable candles. I'm incredibly proud of her achievements so far, and I can't wait to see »

For the record

Why and how we record internal meetings at GoSquared. »

Running the marathon

On Sunday of this week, I’ll be running the 2019 London Marathon. My primary feeling right now is fear, followed closely by nervousness, and a »

My morning routine

What I've been doing to improve my morning routine, and how it's impacting my daily life. »

Have a nice day!

Walking to work the other day, my route crossed paths with that of a bin lorry doing its rounds. I saw the guys moving a bin »